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Aug 06, 2014 at 01:06 PM

ATP failing at Delivery level



I am facing a problem problem while creating delivery in referece to a sales order.

The issue is as follows:

1. I have created a sales order with 10line items.

2. In line item 40, the material quantity entered is 2000. The total stock of this material code as can be seen in MMBE under unrestricted stock in FG01 storage location is 4000

3. however, there are other sales orders for a quantity of 2000. therefore 2000 qty is getting reserved against those orders and remaining 2000 is reserved aginst this particular sales order with confirmed qty in schedule line as 2000

4. Now when i create delivery from VA02, in line item 40 the qty is coming as 0

5. I have checked MD04 but found no other order or delivery to consume the stock.

6. Now the strange part is when i go to VL01N and enter the sales order number and put only line 40 and press enter, the entire stock is appearing in the delivery document.

Can you please suggest why SAP is behaving this way? What configurations could be missing? In OVZ9 we have configurations maintained for A (Orders) and B(Delivery). The check boxes selected are Incl reservations, Incl, sales reqmts, and incl deliveries.

Awaiting a reply on this.

Thanks & Regards,

Rohan Gudavalli