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Aug 06, 2014 at 11:09 AM

NW 7.11 PI java components are not working


Good days,

I am dealing with this problem, and would like to hear your opinions.

Our PI landscape is NW 7.11 sp 6 ABAP and JAVA together. We would like to update the support pack from 06 to 13. So we started to update with MPD system which is our PI Development system.

OS: WIN 2008 R2

DB: MS SQL 2008

Kernel: 720_600


Unicode System

We successfully updated ABAP support packages, but problem is occured while updating Java with JSPM. Here is the steps I have been gone through 1 to 9:

1. I downloaded all support packages from sap.service for NW 7.11 Support Package 13.

2. Opened JSPM and first updated JSPM

3. I chose Single Support Packages

4. It gave error for LM-TOOLS component which says ``REVISE - it does not pass validation check - Unresolved dependencies``

5. I deselect LM-TOOLS package and continued to deploy all other components, and left that component to import later.

6. It completed successfully to import all packages. Then I exited JSPM.

7. When I opened JSPM again, then it gave error that Java AS is not working.

8. When I check SAPMMC Java server is working and all system is green, but some AS Java components are not running like *nwa*.

9. Also it is not possible to reach on web. /nwa is not working it says ``503 service unavailable``

-> JSPM Main log:

Aug 4, 2014 8:57:51 AM [Info]: Validation message for component LM-TOOLS : Archive \\BMAKPIDEV\sapmnt\trans\EPS\in\LMTOOLS13_0-20002705.SCA for component was admitted for deployment

Deployment of archive \\BMAKPIDEV\sapmnt\trans\EPS\in\LMTOOLS13_0-20002705.SCA --> for component is rejected because it does not pass the validation check.

Detailed message:

1. Unresolved dependencies: not found in the admitted batch items and the repository

*** I checked the items in the offlinecfgeditor instead of ibctstransportclient, there is ibstransportclient

-> DefaultTrace:

Failed to create listener localejbs/AFWListener for connection SFTP_ Reason: Failed to lookup object from JNDI for name localejbs/AFWListener. Reason: Exception during lookup operation of object with name localejbs/AFWListener, cannot resolve object reference. [Root exception is javax.naming.NamingException: Error occurs while the EJB Object Factory trying to resolve JNDI reference Reference Class Name:

Type: clientAppName


Type: interfaceType

Content: local

Type: ejb-link

Content: AFWListener

Type: jndi-name

Content: AFWListener

Type: local-home


Type: local


My opinion it seems like the missing item ibctstransportclient and deploying without LM-TOOLS component caused the error. How can I fix this? How can I find the item, and add it to where? and run JSPM while JAVA AS is not available?


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