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Aug 05, 2014 at 09:21 PM

Need help on SLD/LMDB Sync in Solution manager 7.1



We have separate Central SLD connected to PI & other systems & Solution Manager on 7.1. Currently Solution Manager (7.1 SP11) sync with Central SLD for CIM/CR Content & System data. Also Central SLD is forwarding data to Solman SLD using SLD Bridge but Solman SLD is not being used by any application. Our Central SLD version is 7.0 & I have read some where for SLD/LMDB compatibility minimum SLD version is 702 SP6 or 7.1 onwards. Since Solution Manager SLD version is 702 SP14 so we decided to use this for SLD/LMDB Sync.

Full Content Sync

Central SLD -------------------------> Solman (LMDB) (SM 7.1 SPS 11)

(Netweaver 7.0)

Bridge Forwarding

Central SLD ---------------------------> Solman Local SLD (Netweaver 702 SP14) (Not being used anywhere)

Some notes from SLD Planning Guide:

" You use the local SLD as a CR Content Source only. This can be helpful, if you are using for example a central SLD associated to or running with

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration and are not willing to do the CR Content Updates in that SLD as required by the LMDB. "

The local SLD of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 is running on SAP NetWeaver 7.0; it therefore cannot be the target of a full automatic content synchronization. In addition, there shall not be runtime dependencies from productive applications. Because of this if PI is used the local SLD of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 shall not be used as the central one.

Now my concern is in case if we use Solman Local SLD for LMDB sync then we will not be able to configure PI Monitoring Scenario. How can we use Solman SLD for LMDB as CR Content Source & Central SLD to provide other technical system details & should also be able to configure PI Monitoring. Do we need to delete data from Solman SLD (Since it is connected through SLD Bridge & during activation it will full sync & same data is already being provided by Central SLD) before making it as CR Content Source.

SLD Upgrade is one option but we are not planning to do so currently. Can you suggest what can be done in this scenario or you have any other suggestion.