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Aug 05, 2014 at 05:31 PM

XSOData Post return ID


Hi Colleagues,

I've created a xsodata service, and since I'm using a sequence to control the primary key, I've created a procedure to insert the information, calling the sequence.NEXTVAL when doing the insert.

In the header of the procedure I have two parameters (one IN and one OUT), The first parameter (IN) is the row itself, with the information that I need to insert, and the other parameter (OUT) is the error table, to get possible error messages.

Another remark is that, since when doing the post I need to inform all fields, I always perform the post setting ZERO in the ID.

The question is, can I somehow, receive the ID of the record inserted as the result/return of the post?

One idea was to set the ID in the row parameter, but since the row parameter is IN, I cannot modify it...

Thanks and regards,

Roberto Falk