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Aug 05, 2014 at 11:41 AM

Recommended retry for ENQUEUE process


Hi Experts,

I'm planning to put a retry when failing to get a lock object in my ABAP program.

I know that we can use the _wait parameter in FM. But I prefer to use a custom wait-time and max-retry, so I plan to call the ENQUEUE FM inside a DO.x TIMES. ENDDO.

But I'm afraid that calling ENQUEUE too many times could eat too much resource or impact in bad performance. (According to the basis team, the enque/table_size is configured as recommended by SAP, an so far it is still enough)

Is a 2 seconds interval, up to 30 times (results in max 1 minute wait before giving up getting the lock) is a worrying number?

Is it true that calling ENQUEUE too many times could result in SAP lock table overflow even if the lock is not acquired?

Thank you,

Suwandi C.