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Former Member
Aug 05, 2014 at 10:51 AM

crystal report 8.5 export to csv and rtf format not working with office 2013


Hi Experts,

Crystal report version 8.5 hangs and eventually crash when i export my report to csv or rtf format on windows 7 with office 2013 installed, code is written in VB 6 although the same scenario is working with office 2010 installed.

i debugged the code and found the application hangs at function Report.Export(False).

below is the code snippet


.PDFExportAllPages = True 'ePDFExportAllPages
.PDFFirstPageNumber = ePDFFirstPageNumber
.PDFLastPageNumber = ePDFLastPageNumber
.RTFExportAllPages = True 'eRTFExportAllPages
.RTFFirstPageNumber = eRTFFirstPageNumber
.RTFLastPageNumber = eRTFLastPageNumber
.UseReportDateFormat = eUseReportDateFormat
.UseReportNumberFormat = eUseReportNumberFormat
.UseReportNumberFormat = eUseReportNumberFormat
.XMLAllowMultipleFiles = eXMLAllowMultipleFiles
.XMLFileName = eXMLFileName

Report.Export (False) ----Application hangs here and eventually crash


Looking forward for your help, as it is very urgent