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Aug 05, 2014 at 10:35 AM

Inter-CO PO not being considered for ATP rescheduling (v_v2)


Hi Experts - We have the following process relating to I/C POs.

User creates a sales order which inturn creates a PR and then gets released to a PO (Document type: NB). The sales order is created in the receiving company code 3000 - plant 3001. This plant gets material from plant 1001. Once GR is done in 3001 (Receiving plant) the goods are sold to final customer.

The receiving plant 3001 is setup as a customer - C3001

The supplying plant 1001 is setup as a vendor - V1001

We want to do an ATP check for the stocks @ supplying plant 1001. We are using the standard rescheduling program V_V2 . However this does not currently consider POs with reference to PR (triggered from Sales order).

We understand this is standard SAP behaviour.

We would like to know if there is a way to bypass this and fix it so that SAP considers POs of this nature. Please let us know your proposals.

(If we create an Independent PO without referencing to PR then system is considering such POs)