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Aug 05, 2014 at 08:21 AM

Performance based maintenance Plan


Hi experts

I have a doubt regarding performance maintenance plans and how the work orders are scheduled for those plans.

I have a plan in which the maintenance order should be generated every 500 hrs.

The equipment in that plan, a genarator, has a annual estimate of 6000 hrs, and the counter currently has 8026 hrs.

With this annual estimate, a work order should be generated every month (6000/12 = 500 hrs).

I activate the plan using the current running hours (8026hrs). When i activate the plan, it estimates scheduled orders for:

- 04.09.2014

- 05.10.2014

- 04.11.2014

Then I will also be running IP30, every day, with an Interval for Call Objects of 30 days. So, if i run it today it should genarate the firts order (for 04.09.2014) and when i run it arroud the 4th or 5th of setember it should genarate the order mentioned above (for 05.10.2014)

Lets assume now, that for the entire month, this genarator works only 1 hr per day. The documents are registered every day. This should change the date of the next planned order, because it will take longer for the equipment to reach 8500 running hours.

However, since I'm running IP30 for 30 days in advance, the order has already been genarated.

Or another example could be if the genarator running 24hrs every day. This would mean that it would reach the 8500 running hours earlier then 04.09.2014. However, since I've already ran IP30 for 30 days in advance today, the order has already been genarated.

So my question is, how to deal with the performance based plans in terms of scheduling?

Can you please provide some clarity on this

I appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance