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Aug 05, 2014 at 03:07 AM

CK465 Error for Production Order with By-Product


F001 is a newly created material.

In BOM, F001 consists of components F010, V010, F020 and F030.

All these components are old materials which have been used without problems for long time.

F020 is a co-product. Cost apportionment is maintained in F001 material master.

F030 is a by-product with price 0 and Do Not Cost maintained in material master.

A new production order for F001 is created but user discovered error at a later time.


User found that in material F020 was posted to cost element 520070 instead of 520050 (highlight in red box).

I went to check cost estimate for this new material F001 and found that F020 was assigned to 520070 and item category M (material) instead of A (co-product)

Informed user to amend and re-run, release cost estimate. It is showing the correct cost element and item category now.

However, when going to production order and rerun cost calculation, it is still showing as cost element 520070. Could this be because variance calculation already done so it shows only the old results stored?

And then I checked log for cost calculation and found that there is error CK465 price not found for by-product F030.

I have checked all relevant master data and have not found anything wrong. There were also other orders which has F030 as by-product and processed without problems. Although in a separate QA system, I always get the same CK465 error when I try to create production order with F030.

The timeline is as follows:

12 Apr F001 created via MM01

25 Apr BOM for F001 created via CS01

18 Jul Production order created via CO01

21 Jul Cost Estimate for F001 created via CK11N

21 Jul Cost Release for F001 created via CK24

Could it be due to my production order was created before cost estimate released?

Even then, now with the correct cost estimate released, why wouldn't it pick up but still showing old cost calculation results? Is it due to cost variance already run?

Also, system is complaining there is no price for by-product F030.


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