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Aug 05, 2014 at 03:02 AM

Sapinst wont execute



I am trying to perform system refresh

My landscape is like this

I am using Oracle on AIX 6.1 and SAP installed on Windows Server 2003, so yes it is a distributed setup.

My SAP is ECC 6.0 sr3 NO EHP has been applied so far.

Kernel level is 720

Sup.Pkg is 500

Oracle is

I have downloaded the latest SWPM which is this file

70SWPM10SP06_3-20009697.sar for AIX OS

and I am trying to execute it using reflection x and it simply says cannot execute and nothing else.

What am I missing?

I have previously perfomed the same to do hetrogenous copy just a couple of months back and it opened up with out any problem.