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Aug 05, 2014 at 02:00 AM

SAP Gateway, Workmanager and SMP 3 relationship


Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to setup SAP mobile platform(SMP 3.0) for our company and deploy SAP WorkManager. After going through SMP documentation I believe this is the setup that is needed:

SAP Business SAP Gateway SMP 3.0 cluster

Suit Backend <----> (Formerly Netweaver Gateway) <----> (comes with embedded integration <----> Mobile devices(WorkManager APP)


SAP Gateway(formerly netweaver gateway) exposes backend data through OData protocol, SMP 3.0 cluster which consists of data tier cluster(2 Oracle DB servers) and application cluster(2 SMP 3 servers) provisions that OData channels. Workmanager is deployed on SMP 3.0. Now I have these questions:

1- Is this a correct setup?

2- Workmanager is a Syclo Agentry APP so do I need to put that SAP Gateway there?

3- Considering that Workmanager is Syclo APP, Does it use embedded integration gateway inside SMP 3.0?

4- If question 3 answer is Yes, and considering integration gateway can not be clustered, what would be my alternative clustering(HA) solution?

Any help would be highly appreciated.