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Hiding Subsections in Webi 4.2

Jan 23, 2017 at 06:49 PM


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Good afternoon (TL;DR at the bottom) -- I've tried searching for quite some time and can't quite find a solution to what I would like to do (if possible).

I have a Free Hand SQL Webi that contains Department, Employee, and some etc records with regards to data at the employee level. Each employee belongs to a department.

I need to show some metrics for each employee and those metrics should also roll up to the department level. I've created a section for the Department, and a section for the Employee and have an outline interaction on the report. I have the metrics defined and they are calculating appropriately. In both sections, I have the following:

1. Section Name
2. A stacked bar chart showing a numerator and a denominator for the metric
3. A cell next to the chart that calculates that percentage and overlays it in front of another cell that will show 1 of 3 graphics depending on the value range of the percentage.

When I "minimize, contract, whatever" the Department section, my chart doesn't show, but my cells do. When I "expand, maximize, whatever" the department section, the chart shows up and so do the employees underneath in the Employees "subsection". I would like to hide this Employees section until it's also "expanded, maximized, whatever".

On the bottom left hand side of the report, I see the 1 and 2 and when I hover it simply says "All sections to level 1, level 2".

I feel like I should be able to hide a section based on what section is currently selected. I've tried "Hide when -> Formula -> SelectionSection = "Name of section"", but that only hides the graph, not the entire section.

TL;DR -- I need to find a way to hide a section/subsection based on the currently selected section.

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2 Answers

Jan 24, 2017 at 10:07 AM

try with these steps:

1)First right click on the section->Format section->Place your conditional hiding condition.

2) then right click on the cell->format cell->Place your conditional hiding condition same as above.

3) then right click on the table>format table>Place your conditional hiding condition same as above.

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Matthew Fowler Jan 24, 2017 at 03:21 PM

It "works" for hiding the chart in the section (indicated by the big white space at the employee level between the blurred employee name and the metric to the right. It doesn't work when I apply that same formula to any of the other cells in that section (the employee name or the metric):

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