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Aug 04, 2014 at 08:00 PM

DIP - Sales Price -Resource related biling


Hi All

Please refer discussion -

My case is more or less same as above discussion. I completely understood the DIP settings you mentioned, as far as my case is concern, this is purely a service company where they use ZPSV and ZPSF and pricing conditions to bill the customer. I can see EK02 with correct value in DMR, how can i bring this EK02 value appear as Net value

1) Do i need to create PR00 and check the settings required to copy value of EK02 to PR00...

OR 2) What is the pricing procedure set up to bring the EK02 value to ZPSV or ZPSF.

ZPSV and ZPSF are Service price item ans flat serive price... these are manual conditions

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