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Aug 04, 2014 at 04:38 PM

ISU Invoice reversal due dates



Is there any way to manipulate the due dates for reversal documents (i.e, the print document created as a result of EA15).

For regular invoices/print documents, we use events R417 and 1330 for changing the due dates.

But for reversal documents, these events are not called. Is there any other way, like an exit to change the due date? Or will this always be done by SAP.

Also, can someone please let me know whether the due date of the reversal document, in the below example is correct.


When we created an invoice with document date '09.07.2014' (with estimated read and positive amont), it had a due date 21.07.2014 (as per the payment terms -> due date must be 12 days from document date or 20th of the month)

When we reversed this invoice on 29.07.2014, the reversal document still has the due date of 21.07.2014 (and the same positive amount as the original print document).

I was expecting the due date to be 10.08.2014. Is this due date correct?


Only the below events seme to be triggered during creation of reversal documents (Transaction:EA15)

R502 IS-U Reversals: Select Dependent Documents for Reversal

R501 IS-U Reversals: Determine Posting Date

R470 IS-U Reversals: Check whether Reversal Is Permitted

R546 IS-U REV: No Reversal of Bollo Receivable

60 Posting: Check Document Header

62 Posting: Exchange Posting Date

70 Posting: Check if Reversal Permitted

50 Posting: Check G/L Item

64 Posting: Authorization for Contract

32 Posting: Create Additional Line Items

61 Posting: Check Complete Document, Set Customer Fields

1190 Official Document Number: Determine Attributes

20 Posting: Document/Clearing Completed (No Number)

30 Posting: Document Number Assigned

150 Clearing Reset: Additional Fields for New Items

R477 IS-U Reversals: No Longer Supported

R428 IS-U Invoicing: Fill Customer-Specific Fields in EITR

R547 IS-U REV: Add Cust-Specific Reversal Print Doc. Line Items

R548 IS-U REV: Fill Customer-Specific Fields

R469 IS-U Reversals: Set Print Lock for Reversal Document

R471 IS-U Reversals: Reversal Document Number Assigned

608 Payment Specification: After Database Change