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Aug 04, 2014 at 02:06 PM

Mass user creation by file upload UI page.


Hello All,

It seems to be a recurrent question how to apply mass user updates or creations in IDM. But till now I' have not found a solution that would fit my requirements.

I would like to create a mass user creation page or job.

My first “choice” would go to a custom UI page where a file can be uploaded and saved, from there the users would be created in mass on my Identity store.

Till now I've tried several possibilities but am struggling a bit with the step between file upload and user creation. Where can I retrieve the uploaded file? As I don't know where to find the uploaded file I can read it and write it to my custom tables to treat the user creation.

The page looks like this:

The used attribute named "Z_FILE_UPLOAD_LINK" has been configured as follow.

Has anyone already made this kind of page ?

Thanks a lot by advance,