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Aug 04, 2014 at 11:06 AM

SMQR Scheduler Status in WAIT and SMQ2 Queue Size increases.



We are Facing the following problem when new Materials are automatically transferred from SAP R/3 ECC to SAP CRM.

a.Status of the System:

1.In SMQ2 all the Materials are blocked with Ready Status,

2.In SMQR the Scheduler Status is in WAIT status.

3.In SM50 there are dialog with status Waiting and Error is filled in for waiting status.

4.In SMW01 there are BDOC error for the Product_mat.

5.No dumps in ST22.


1.The New materials are transferred to CRM. All the New Material group are not downloaded to CRM and this was observed when the Materials in the Queue was manually processed :Error given out was "Category for the Material Group xxxxx does not exist".

2.As lots of materials are blocked in the Queue and as the scheduler status is in WAIT status, no data is now getting transferred to CRM from R/3


1.Downloaded the Customizing object: DNL_CUST_PROD1(product categories) to copy all the new material group from R/3 to CRM.

2.The download of the object ended in WAIT status(red).

3.Restarted the Queue and again downloaded , but still the objects shows in Wait status in R3am1.

Solution Required:

1.What needs to be done to make the Scheduler status to act or inactv.

2.What will be solution to make the downloaded object DNL_CUST_PROD1 successful.

Will this solution work out:

1. If all the queue entries removed from queue and download the object.

Please suggest how to solve this issue.