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Aug 03, 2014 at 02:30 PM

Design Studio 1.3 as local client - application on iPad?



I have installed Design Studio 1.3 SP0 as a local client on my PC. I'm trying to get my DS apps onto my iPad but have so far failed.

I have allowed external access to the embedded web server (DS: Tools --> Preferences).

As far as I understand this issue, it should then be sufficient to click on "Send to Mobile Device using QR code", scan the code with my iPad and launch the URL in Safari.

Unfortunately, this is not what happens. What happens is: Safari attempts to connect for about a minute and then displays this error message: "Safari could not open the page because the serve stopped responding". I tried the identical app on my android mobile phone and got a slightly different message "Web page not available".

Am I overlooking some simple step? I believe I managed to do this some months ago using DS 1.2. But of course, I cannot verify that now.

Bonus question: Does drag and drop work with DS apps on an iPad.