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Aug 02, 2014 at 06:44 PM

C_S_DATA structure in virtual key figures assign problem with non cumulatives


Hello Experts,

I'm implementing stock value at storage level. For this I'm using a virtual key figure (according to the how to "how to Realize summarized display of stock values on storage location level".

I've implemented this scenario several times without problems until now.

A dump is raised when you include in the query the non cumulative ratio 0VALSTCKVAL and one of the respective inflow and outflow key figures 0RECVS_VAL, 0ISSVS_VAL (in fact I believe that it happens with any ratio of the cube 0IC_C03 is included in the query besides total stock quantity and total stock value)

For some reason when the inflow or outflow ratio is included in the query, class attribute p_kyf_0valstckval doesn't have a valid position of the ratio at structure C_S_DATA ( p_kyf_0valstckval = 0 ).

But, if I take off the inflow (or ouflow) key figure, query run just fine. Problem is I really need One query containing inflows, outflows and valuated stock at storage level.

Please advice regarding this matter

  1. I understand, the how to is quite old and I wish to know if there is a new method of getting stock value at storage level.
  2. Or to know if any one has faced and solved this problem involving non cumulative and virtual key figures?

I'm already tried to put, additional reference key figures for inflows, totally different ratios besides 0VALSTCKVAL but it seems that variable P_KYF_0VALSTICKVAL only has a valid position when the query only have ratios 0VALSTCKVAL and/or 0TALSTCK

I'll appreciate any help on this matter