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Aug 02, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Function Module to get Date and Time out of Timestamp



Source system timestamp field CREATED_TS of Type DEC-15

BW PSA data in format 20.140.707.105.948

In DSO, I have created two target InfoObjects; one for Date and one for Time.

In transformation from PSA to DSO, in field level routine, I want to split timestamp into Date and Time.

There is a function module CACS_TIMESTAMP_GET_DATE in source system but it is not available in BW. Another function module ADDR_CONVERT_TIMESTAMP_TO_DATE which is available in BW but returns only Date.

Does anyone know a function module in BW which takes Timestamp (PSA data in format 20.140.707.105.948) and returns Date and Time.

Much better would be a FM which take timestamp and also Timezone and returns Date and Time.