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Aug 01, 2014 at 11:26 AM

Where can I find the field "Code" in PPOMA_CRM? what table?


Hi Experts,

I need to extract the Organizational Structure from PPOMA_CRM to BW. I know HRP1000 and HRP1001 are the main tables related to this transaction code, but I think they are not enough to suit my requirements.

My OS tree is: Country->Region->Plant->Centre-> "X" number of Sales_Rep, and "Y" number of Sales_Admin

I have to count the number of Sales_Resp and Sales_Admin assigned to a specific Plant or Region. So if I want to know my salesforce (sales_rep+sales_admin) in the North Region, I should sum all sales rep and sales_admin included in Plant01, plus Plant02...etc.

It would be "easy" if I could sum all the "S" types included in a Plant or Region, but I can't, because there are more "S" types in the Organizational Structure that I should not take into account (sales director, plant manager, etc).

"Code" is the only way to differenciate among the "S" types, because when a person is Sales_rep or Sales_admin, "Code" is SR or SA. But this field is not included in HRP1000 neither HRP1001. Do you know where can I find this code or what tables I should have a look to suit this requirement?

I attach an image. We can see a Plant and a Centre, and according to my requirements, forcesales for this Plant should be "2" (there are 2 sales_rep and 0 sales_admin) .

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!


Example.jpg (65.9 kB)