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Aug 01, 2014 at 11:43 AM

Small invoice handling.


Hello Gurus,

We have a business scenario, where business doesn't want to bill those invoices which has amount less then 50 euro.

Current solution: Collective invoice is getting generated and then invoice below 50 Euro is getting cancelled with custom Z program.

New Requirement : Business have requirement to eliminate the need of custom z program. It wants to create functionality which runs collective invoice and left invoice below 50 Euro.

Functional Design.: We decided to copy SDBILLDL (VF04) and make Z program, where we run it first in the test mode. Then logic will filter the invoice below 50 Euro and then bill only those invoices which has amount more than 50 Euro. This design looks ok, but its very complex. First problem is that VF04 runs for collective invoices, so we have situation where one customer might have so many orders below 50 Euro, may and may not be below 50 Euro after collective invoice run. Which has forced us to run the entire program in test mode. This is second problem. It has lots of table assigned which are making FI entries. My question is how to prevent those posting in test mode and get net value per invoice before actually creating invoice?

Thanks in advance and Regards,