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Aug 01, 2014 at 09:27 AM

MRP splits the receipts to multiple quantity and increases the receipts in subsequent runs


Dear All,

We are facing a strange case, where for a material planned in R3 (Procurement type F, with MM scheduling agreements with vendors), while running the MRP first time , the receipt orders are created fine. In the next re-runs, it splits the orders from same vendors. This phenomenon gets worse as the subsequent MRP runs keep increasng the receipts beyond required quantity.


First MRP Run (Receipts):

Date Quantitty Vendor

24/11/2014 8000 A

26/11/2014 18000 B

Second MRP Run (No change in any settings - immediate md03 manual run):

Date Quantitty Vendor

24/11/2014 7000 A

24/11/2014 1000 A

26/11/2014 16000 B

26/11/2014 2000 B

Subsequent MRP runs just inflates this number.

Can anyone help for the background for splitting and increasing the receipt orders?