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Jul 31, 2014 at 07:25 PM

After MRP Run PR converted SA and PO


Dear Experts,

I have run the MRP first time recording MRP Run PR had created automatically as per the BOM.

I need some clarification :

1. I am before MRP Run manually created the PR and PR converted to Schedule agreement

2. But this time i am Run the MRP and check the MD04 stock requirement list.

I am see the below points:

PR Converted to SA:

1.PR converted to SA but not mention, So still system consider only like PR not for schedule line in MD04 list before mention.

2.Once you mention the SA this time reflect one SA line item but PR qty not decrees.


3.The PR qty also consider the MD04 report after converted the PR to SA and Mention also.

4.Full qty of PR converted to SA and give the MIGO posted completed that time also PR line item not removed.

5.Manuvally put the closed tick active and saved the ME52N then only possible for PR line item removed in the list of MD04 list.

PR Converted to PO:

1.PR Converted to PO , that time PO line item reflect and decrees the PR qty in MD04 Report.

2.At the time of PR conversion to PO full qty had converted then PR line removed, PO Line item only there in MD04 Report.

Why the difference happening ?

I need PR Created only Bulk ( for the same material ):

Many same material used one of the Bill of material at the many Sami finished product. Currently PR created at the same item in various PR No. But i need the after MRP Run same material created Bulk one PR no.

Kindly Give me the guidance for my query!