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Jul 31, 2014 at 04:36 PM

Debit Memo/ Credit Memo for incorrectly shipped items


I Understood this: Lets assume you have sold 100 PCs Of Material A ( DLX model), But Due to some human error you have shiped Materia A (VLX) model, which is having price greater than previous one.In that case you will raise Debit memo for that customer.

But what if the customer says that he doesn’t want to pay the difference?

1. does he have to return the product back for exchange of the originally inquired product?

2. is it the clients fault that we shipped the wrong product? and will take a hit for the loss?

q: what if the customer decides to exchange the product ? there will be an inward and outward deliveries created for the 2 products at the clients plant; and will this trigger creation of one credit memo (for returns, since exchange is technically a return) and one debit memo (corrected invoice)?? Or will it be a straight exchange?

Guru's please help me understand this, thanks