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Jul 31, 2014 at 03:06 PM

Any experience downgrading LM-Service component?



I know this should not be done so let me explain why the question.

Some months ago I move to a different country and of course, changed consulting company. About three weeks ago, I was told to check why there is no rating on EWA's from a Solman Installation they did long before I arrived. As usual I checked solman_setup procedures (Solman 7.1 SPS 4) and found that IS EM was not connected and some other definition problems for Product and Tech systems under LMDB and SMSY.

The problem is that as this was done be a consultant that is no longer working with this company, they asked me to try to solve this using the lowest amount of time possible, mainly because this is cost for them.

After solving most definition problems I then tried to connect IS EM so I could configure the managed systems but I started to get 404 errors during the procedure because some web services were not found and according to SAP note 1822831 one of the reasons of this is because ST ABAP Component and LM-Service Java component are not aligned, so I did a check and in fact they are not alligned.

ST component is 7.10 SP4

LM-Services is 7.10 SP7

As I see it, we have to align this by going up to Stack 7 in ST component, that implies a complete Solman Update, or I downgrade LM-Services only because all other Java and ABAP components are in SP4.

I know this is possible but not recomended so I´ll like to know from any experience doing something similar, or your thougths about some other option that will not take much time.

My preference, as this installation is so badly configured would be to reinstall everything but my boss don´t want to spend so much time (and money) in doing this.

Thanks in advanced.