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Jul 31, 2014 at 02:37 PM

BEx Variable v. Webi Prompt (with delegated search enabled from olap UNV)


Environment: BOE 4.0 SP5­

My webi report is based on universe and BEx in the following way.

  1. BEx --> olap Universe ---> webi

I need to decide where should I create prompts/variables; in BEx or webi. I am aware that webi prompts are more flexible and users can re-use bex queries with more freedom in this way. This is not a consideration in this scenario.

Obviously creating variables at BEx is more efficient as you are pushing the processing to backend rather than app server. I would like to know whether the following two are equally efficient (keeping in mind the report is based on olap universe and bex):

  1. 1) Variables created in BEx query designer.
  2. 2) Prompts created in webi query panel.
    1. The objects these prompts are created on have ‘delegated search’ option checked from Universe design tool.

Is 1 & 2 have the same effect in terms of performance?

If so, I would think I can create prompts on webi with equal peace of mind thinking it will be as efficient while giving me some flexibility.