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Jul 31, 2014 at 09:23 AM

Clearing with vendor



I'm trying to impelment clearing with customer/ vendor functionality in SAP. My problem is that SAP does not allow me to check the "clearing with vendor" check box in customer master data, and I do not understand why. It just displays the box but I cannot select it. If I double click it, SAP gives me this message:

"Place the cursor on the account to be displayed

Message no. F2019"

Can you please help me how to select "clearing with vendor"?

This is what I have done so far:

1.) I checked from OMSG and OBD2 that "clearing with customer" and "clearing with vendor" is set as optional entry for the relevant account groups

2.) In the vendor master record (XK02) I added the customer number in the account control data, and similarly I added the vendor number to the corresponding place in customer master (XD02). (or if I remember correctly, SAP did this autotamitaclly when I added the customer number to vendor master)

3) I click the "clearing with customer" check mark in vendor master under automatic payment transactions. Then I tried to do the same for customer master but the checkbox is grey/blue, i.e. I cannot click it.

I also tried to google the answer but I didn't find anyone else having the same problem.

I highly appreciate your help!