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Jul 31, 2014 at 12:00 AM

Excel VBA + SAP Scripting / How can I send an instruction to a background window without bringing it up?


Hello guys,

I need to send keys to a window in the background, but I don't want it to pop up when I do it as it may cause some errors if I'm typing something at that moment. Is this possible?

The script I'm working on converts a spool to a pdf, but when the save as window comes up, the script stops recording because that is not a SAP screen, but a windows screen.

I was actually able to make it work by ending the script right before executing the transaction, then I used AppActivate and SendKeys to execute the transaction by pressing F8 and saving the file by pressing enter, but I still have these windows popping up while the macro is running, so, is it possible to have the SendKeys point to a specific application without it bringing it to the foreground?

Also, please note that I am new to programming, so I'm not familiar with all the functions.

Thanks in advance.