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Former Member
Jul 30, 2014 at 07:50 PM

KE24 - no line items in account-based COPA



I am trying to configure Account-based COPA. I did all the configuration and create a report with a form assigned. The account I have posted is a revenue cost element and has profitability segment as an optional field and is updated with segment data.

Since account-based COPA updates only COEP and CE4XXXX tables I am able to see the record being updated in these tables. But when I run KE24 and COPA report both of them yield no results.

Please see attached for the detailed configuration and copa report set up.

Note: I replicated the exact same scenario in another system with same config and also using the same accounts I was able to generate the KE24 and also COPA report. The only difference between these two systems being the database. System where COPA is working is on SQL DB and where it is not is on HANA DB.