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Jul 30, 2014 at 02:28 PM



We are fairly new to SNC and we are experimenting with our validation settings. The business is concerned that our suppliers are not seeing changing in the "quick View" screen when we change a PO due date or lower or requested quantity on a PO that was previously confirmed by the supplier. For both our PO and PO change, we are using Idoc ORDERS05 and field E1EDP01/ACTION to store the "action" for the PO lines we send which are translated in PI to the "ReplenishmentOrderNotification_In" SAP XML and tag "Item actionCode". We currently send values 01 for new lines, 02 for changes, 03 for cancels. (Idoc values 001, 002 and 003)

After doing some research, I found validation settings PO_CONF_RELEVANCE_CTRL and PO_CONFIRMATION_DELETE. I made these setting both "Active". My expectation was that only changed lines would be set to "Not Confirmed" and only the changed lines would have the confirmations deleted. However, when a PO Change is sent for a previously confirmed PO, the entire PO confirmation is deleted and all lines are "Not Confirmed" even if only one line of a multi-line PO is changed. Our suppliers would need to cinfirm PO lines they have already confirmed and this is unexpected behavior.

We send Idoc Action Code 002 (SAP XML Item Action Code 02) for the changes and Idoc Action Code 001 (SAP XML Item Action Code 01) unchanged lines.

Since SNC requires all PO lines to be sent with every change, are we sending the incorrect Action Code value for lines that are not changed?

I appreciate help from the experts on this forum. You have already given me great answers to other questions.