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Jul 29, 2014 at 10:22 PM

Teaching girls - and their teachers - technology


I am the co-creator of SAP GIRLsmarts, a program launched this year to inspire girls to explore technology.

In response to a recent article on our program, a parent reached out to ask us how to get IT curriculum prioritized at her school. I thought I'd reach out to you experts for a response; I'm frankly a bit horrified by the teachers reasons for not teaching programming.

I know this isn't the primary purpose for this group, but I thought I'd get the most diverse perspectives here.

Thanks in advance for your thinking.

I read the article at
mentioning your program, ... I was wondering if there is any way that your organization, or someone else you know, could
help me.

My 16 yr old daughter currently attends a private girls' school in Victoria BC. I want her to learn IT, including programming. Both her father and I had this exposure to this curricula in school, and her father currently works as a database administrator and "security architect" in fact.

My daughter started at this school three years, ago, and every year has enrolled in I.T. However, her teacher has essentially refused to teach the girls how to code. Each year, when I ask him to teach her this, he says that there is no future in it, and that as a job it takes long hours at low pay. Instead, in IT class, she does graphic design work each year - using photoshop, etc. She enjoys this, but not enough to be interested in this as a career. Meanwhile, she is brilliant at math and science, meticulous on detail work, and I'm certain would enjoy programming and serious I.T." But, her I.T. teacher will not teach it.

None of the girls at her school have been encouraged to try programming, and as recall, the teacher told me that none are interested (frankly, none have ever ben exposed to it to know!).

So, I was wondering if there was some way in which your organization can help m daughter, or her school, or educate her teacher, so that in September in Gade 12 she may finally be allowed to learn programming?

Yours sincerely and with much thanks!