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Jul 29, 2014 at 05:49 PM

Several issues with CR and Visual Studio 2010 Pro, parameters, missing data, memory issues


CR version 13.0.2

I am developing an application for a single user that runs locally on the user's computer, there is not any network issue here.

It is a client billing application that uses CR for creating monthly invoices, and additional forms, from an invoice table in the Access Database (mdb).

The application creates, then saves, the invoice information for each client in a Windows Form. It then brings up, first, the invoice in a new Windows Form using CR viewer, then the accompanying form, again in a new Windows Form using CR viewer. Before each new Windows Form is created, the current one is closed. The parameter for the invoice number is passed to the CR report.

There can be anywheres from 5 to 60 invoices, and the accompanying forms, that need to be created, then saved as PDF files.

The issues that I have been running into are:

1) Not all new invoices, CR reports, read, or accept, the invoice number passed to it from previous forms, and thus demands manual input for the parameter. Sometimes it works fine, other times it does not.

2) After a few invoices have been created in CR, they start to appear as blank forms, with just the formatted text on them. The client invoice data is missing.

3) After a while I have received a message from CR that there is not enough memory to create the new report. I have looked through this forum and others, and because of what I have found, I have added in "Me.Dispose" before "Me.Close" for the CR forms. I doubt if this will help, as supposedly the "Me.Close" will dispose of the memory used by the form.

Has anyone else run into any of these issues? Has anyone else been able to resolve these issues?

Thank you for taking the time to read through this, even if you cannot help me.