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Jul 29, 2014 at 03:32 PM

Getting Short Dumps for only 1 user - related to BAL logs


Just yesterday afternoon, 1 user began receiving short dumps in the FM BAL_INTERNAL_LOCK_ON_SAVE

This is happening on each message she's trying to process. I can process the exact same message and it works for me.

Termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLSBAL_DB_INTERNAL" - in "BAL_INTERNAL_LOCK_ON_SAVE".

The main program was "ZCSS_SCH_CREATE_DOCS ".

In the source code you have the termination point in line 65 of the (Include) program "LSBAL_DB_INTERNALU07".

In my main program, ZCSS_SCH_CREATE_DOCS, I just load up the AIF messaging structure and Call TRANSFER_TO_AIF method.

Any idea what's going on?


sd2.jpg (220.3 kB)
sd1.jpg (206.9 kB)
sd2.jpg (220.3 kB)