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Jul 29, 2014 at 01:16 PM

Multi-Column (Down and Across) Limit number of rows


I am creating and invoice (for about a 300 customer run) using a multiple column crystal report with totals at the bottom. We use a down and across approach as it is used also as a packing slip and faster to check. The problem is, the down and across doesn't allow you to limit the number of rows down. This is a real issue because it wastes a lot of paper to print the totals by themselves on a 2nd sheet of paper when it could easily fit on one if I could equalize the number of rows & columns on the page. I'm surprised there isn't a proficient way to deal with it. For example, instead of 2 columns of 60+ items, I could bump it to 5 columns of 12 items, leaving lots of room at the bottom for totals. Have a look at the attached to see what I mean.

Here is page 1

Here is page 2


invpg1.jpg (44.2 kB)
invpg2.jpg (21.4 kB)