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Jul 29, 2014 at 10:36 AM

SQL anywhere delay


SQL Anywhere

Server: Windows server 2012, Intel Xeon CPU E5-2620 2.00 GHz, Windows 64 bits, 8 Gb ram

Workstation: Windows 7

SQL Anywhere is running as a service. 2 databases are started.

Client log in with a Powerbuilder Application ODBC connection.

User is entering data and everything works fine. After the input of about 10 lines, we suddenly have a delay of about 10 seconds. At this moment a sql command is send to the database to retrieve some data. We look at the taskmanager (on the server). Processor time of dbsrv12 is 0%, Processor time not active is about 80%. After the 10 seconds delay, the processor time of dbsrv12 increases to about 40% (for a few seconds to execute the sql command). After this, the user can continue. The next input of about 10 lines is very fast, and then we see the delay again.

Seems to me there is a hick-up in Windows system. The system administrator thinks its a sql anywhere problem since other programs run fine.

Whats the way to go to find out why we have this delay?