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Jul 29, 2014 at 09:58 AM

Approval process workflow for Customer XBO


Hi experts,

We have a client requirement which asks for multilevel approval process for Accounts (when a new Account is created/ existing Account is changed). As per my knowledge, there is no standard approval process defined for Customer XBO as of now by SAP.

Also, if the Account creation/modification is 'Rejected' by any manager, then how will the Account be reverted back to its original version? (kind of a rollback)

I had raised an incident for this asking the SAP team whether they will be adding any approval processes for Customer BO in the near future C4C releases. But they do not have any plans of implementing it sooner.

They suggested a workaround as follows:

Add 1 extension field "approval status code" in Account with code values:

1 - To be approved by L1 manager

2 - Approved by L1

3 - Approved by L2......etc for more levels of approval

Reverting 'Rejected' Account to previous state is not possible via PDI. In principle you would have to read the changehistory data and revert to the state before the change was done. But the changehistory BO is/will not be PSM released.

Any workaround or suggestions on how can I go about implementing this requirement? I need to put validations like L2 can approve only after L1 approval.

Please guide and help.


Ambuja Prabhudessai

Persistent Systems Ltd.