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Jul 29, 2014 at 09:04 AM

Multiple valuation


Hello Experts,

We have multiple valuations implemented in our system. Currently there are three valuations configured. 1. Legal Valuation , Co code currency 2. Group currency 3. Group currency Group valuation.

Now for my issue, the co code currency is USD. so the values posted in a document for 1 and 2 remains same .

There is a Goods receipt posted in the system. Now, the Stock account is posted with same value in all three valuations and that is Qty X Standard price of material as per material master and this is just fine as expected. But the GR/IR account posted in Goods Receipt is posted ae ps follows:

1. Legal valuation Co . code currency = Qty X Price of the material as per PO

2. Group currency =Qty X Price of the material as per PO

3. Group currency , Group valuation - is however posted with a different value.