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Jul 29, 2014 at 05:47 AM

ZMIN (Incident) - Cannot view Search Results..what am I missing?


Hi all

Ok, I have two users in Solution Manager 7.1 (let's call them User A and User B).

They both have identical security roles/profiles including SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW (for testing purposes).

User A logs onto CRM Web Client and performs a search on ALL ZMIN (Incidents) created:

As you can see, User A can see all the incidents.

Now User B logs on and performs the exact same search:

They cannot see any search results.

What am I missing??? Security is identical and they both have SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW. Why can't User B see this.....!!!




many_incidents.JPG (90.9 kB)
0 incidents.JPG (64.9 kB)