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Jul 28, 2014 at 09:41 PM

Why are my solutions always available without scoping ?


Hello ByD community,

I am facing a misunderstanding in the lifecycle of my solutions.

The documentation mentions you need BAC elements in order to have the Business users scope your customer-specific solution and use it.

Documentation of the 1405:

"You must create business configuration content for all solution capabilities that you create using the studio. You

create business configuration content in the studio and anchor your solution in the business adaptation catalog

(BAC) so that it is available for activation by customers who buy your solution."

But when I create extension fields and activate them through the Studio, they appear in the Cloud Solution and the business logic is well implemented without any BAC Element needed. I do not need to click on Deploy Business Config either.

And if I create the Business Option, OK, it appears in the Business Configuration, but checking or not the question doesn't make my extension fields disappear or not. It is still there!

Is it only for solution through the SAP Store which are not Activated directly from the Studio?

What really makes your solution available in the Cloud, the Scoping from the Cloud or the Activation from the Studio?

Finally, it is also mentioned:

‚óŹ You can create business configuration content on your development tenant only.

So why can I create Business Options in Tests environment? I did it in two Tests tenants already.

And what is the logic behind this?

Thank you all for your help!

I wish you all a excellent week in ByD!

Best regards.