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Jul 28, 2014 at 12:13 PM

Virtual Keyfigure and access to a structure / formular



I have an issue, where we think that the virtual keyfigure is the solution. We need a customer rating depending on two attributes and a keyfigure.

Kind of if country = Austria and ServiceLevelGroup = 1 and keyfigure is more than 80% then virtual keyfigure = 1

Now my problem is, that the keyfigure is a formular. In the coding we find all attributes and all keyfigures but not the formulars and restricted keyfigures. I gave the furmular a technical name, but we still can't find it.

The only thing we see is

1ROWCOUNT Z____010

and the other keyfigures

VK_RATING Z____14747 (<--- this is the virtual key figure)

ZK_CREDNT Z____979

ZK_SALES Z____923

And I have another question: Do I have to add the virtual keyfigure to every cube underneath the multiprovider or is one cube enough?

Thanks in advance and best regards

Clemens Paumgartten