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Jul 27, 2014 at 12:42 PM

Assignment of Step type and CR step for MDG_S



This is in continuaton for thread MDG_S workflow.

I original issue which is for MDGS when I assigned WS543000005 to CR type and sumitted CR goes no where,

As as per SWEL it shows No Reciver Found enen though GET_AGENT table is maintained.

In another system I found that WS531000044 is assigned ti CR Type Then I tested it and found that CR creates Work Items also upto final processing.

as per below

  • Before CR Submission : CR status is 02: Changes to be executed
  • After CR Submission : CR status is 01:To be considered and Approved
  • After CR Reviewer approves : CR status is 09: Dependant Data to be processed /Approved
  • After Purchase reviewer Finalize processing :CR status is 09: Dependant Data to be processed /Approved
  • After Finainace reviewer Finalixe processing :CR status is 09: Dependant Data to be processed /Approved
  • Now I can not see CR any where even though CR step 04 and 04 assigned to my user ID

I have some questions as Description in Define Change Request Steps is not Mataching with description in GET_AGENT desesion table.

Also it is observed that step 80 is not assigned to WS531000044 in IMG node Define Change Request Steps but it can be seen in GET_AGENT decesion table and step no 06 and 07 does not appears in GET_AGENT decesion table ( In edit mode).

Can you explain from where assignment of CR steps to CR type in desion table are taken ino accout ?

Why description is not matched for steps under IMG and in decesion table?

Can you explain me releationship between CR step and step type,CR Status and where they \maintained in IMG and how proceeses modelling is diffenent t for determination of Next CR step in case of WS531000044 ?