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Jul 27, 2014 at 10:02 AM

Cannot create application 'hello1' in account 'p...trial'


I try to deploy on the Cloud from Eclipse IDE as written in

In step 9 (after choosing Finish) 2 popups come up:

1) Secure Storage

A new master password has been created. Password recovery can be enabled by providing additional information. Would you like to do so now?

I klicked: No

2) Server Error

Cannot create application 'hello1' in account 'p1940087376trial'


Authentication failed. Check:

1. if the accound name and the host are correct

2. the provided user has rights to perform the operation in the specified account

3. the provided password is correct

This is the screen "Run On Server":

I think my account name and the password should be correct.

What about the host and the user rights? Anything else that I should do?