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Jul 26, 2014 at 08:03 AM

EHP 7 upgrade & Mopz in Solman 7.1 SP 8


Hi Everyone,

I am currently working on EHP 7 upgrade for my ECC 6 EHP 6 system. I began my work in ECC with SLD data push and SMSY, LMDB config, in Solman now moved on with MOPZ config to download EHP SPS. I have a query here, is it important to have the entire system data updated with SMSY and LMDB in Solman? i understand that MOPZ checks the current system Patch level from SMSY/LMDB and based on our target selection it calculates and recommends. just wondering how exactly it happens!. Bacause we have our BO system and few other non SAP systems in the landscape that are not updated with the SMSY/LMDB but they also should be considerd for the upgrade to check if there are dependencies.

so my question is, do we have to push data from non sap also and maintaine in SMSY and LMDB before we perform EHP SPS download from MOPZ?

other question is, if we perform upgrade in a ECC Sandbox environment (usually a copy of Production), it is not necessary to have sandbox for Portal, PI and other systems. so what is the recommended approach here? do we have to select the Developement ECC system from MOPZ so that we will have other Dev systems (PI, Portal.,..etc) present in the SMSY & LMDB and MOPZ recommendation will be perfect?

please help me understand this