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Jul 25, 2014 at 03:32 PM

Conditional Formatting for column and month


Hi Experts

I need a way for conditional formatting to columns in my report.

For each selected month should paint a column.

Example 1: The user has selected the V01 version corresponding to 1 month - January.

Thus the January column should come blue. So far so good, can you make a simple formatting in cells.

Example 2: The user selects the V02 version for the month of February. Thus the January and February column should come in blue.

Example 3: The user selects version V03 corresponding to March.

And should paint the columns, January, February and March in blue.

I can do the conditional formatting and context works. But while updating my report it loses the formatting.

The solution that was arranged to put the same conditional formatting in display formats, but when inserting a formula it does not accept.

Any suggestions?

Thank you