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Jul 25, 2014 at 02:48 PM

Auto Factory calendar update in APO using RSIMPCUST


Hi all,

While setting up automatic factory calendar update job in APO, I have following queries:

1) In Standard SAP program RSIMPCUST, there are options of “rebuild tables” or “update tables”. So far I have known that for Factory Calendars, “Rebuild” is the only option and it does not allow “update” as standard behavior. Please confirm. Also is “update” table option achieved through any modification in the code of program copy of RSIMPCUST?

2) If we select the “Rebuild tables” option, are there any risks?

3) Are there any risks of transaction data inconsistency due to this automatic calendar update program?

4) Timestreams are generated immediately after calendar updates. There is a standard SAP program /SAPAPO/TIMESTREAM_UPDATE for that. Are you using this same program or are there any important modifications done? Or if there is any other option for the same?

5) Are there any SAP Notes which need to be applied necessarily if we are using the program RSIMPCUST in APO as a batch job?

6) In case of weekly run of this program are there any risks of transaction data inconsistency?

7) In BW system, do we need to run a similar automatic calendar update program to ensure that calendars are in sync in BW system? Do we need to recalculate timestreams in BW also?