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Problem creating Hierarchy in LIVE Connection to HANA?

Jan 23, 2017 at 02:48 PM


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Hi All,

We have reached a deadlock situation. Any help would be really greatful.

We have a LIVE Connection to HANA Database which we are using as a data source and later created a model out of it..

Now when we open the model pane, we only see the Account tab with the calculated columns but no Dimensions in it.

Because of this we are not able to create any hierarchies as seen in the video tutorials.

Kindly guide on the same.


Kiran Shenvi

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Which version of HANA are you using?

The SAP Help says you need to be on "SPS10 – revision 102.2 or above with SAP HANA Info Access Service (InA), version 4.10.0 or above"


Hi Tammy,

We checked with our team and we are using SPS10 & InA but still we cannot see the Dimensions tab with LIVE HANA Connection.

Can you please confirm If anyone from your team has been using LIVE Connection and able to see Dimensions tab in Model?

Thanks in advance.


Kiran Shenvi


Kiran - I don't have a configured HANA live connection to try myself.

Please see this KBA for limitations - it says "Level-based hierarchies" aren't supported for live connections

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John Leggio
Jan 24, 2017 at 09:06 PM

Hi Kiran,

This is working as designed.

See these links:

Planning Models and Analytics Models

Types of Model

The three types of model available all support different sets of features. In summary these are:

  • Planning-type model: preconfigured with dimensions for Time and Categories, offers support for multi-currency and security features at the level of both model and dimension. When working with a planning model in a story, users with planning privileges can create their own versions of model data, as well as writing data to the model by typing new values, copying and pasting data, and using allocations features.
  • Analytics-type model: unlike the planning model this type does not support categories and does not require a time dimension.
  • Analytics model based on a HANA view: a simple model with a single Account dimension but with access to other dimensions from HANA. Security is inherited from HANA but can be managed further in SAP BusinessObjects Cloud.

Models Based on HANA Views


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