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Jul 25, 2014 at 10:07 AM

Auto clearing of customer RTGS Upload items


My client want automatic customer payment for RTGS related items,

is there a way in SAP to clear the customer open items automatically for the below scenario

I want the system to clear the above mentioned line items based on certain pre-defined parameter and for the difference

As-Is Process:

  1. 1.Posting of advance payment received from customers manually via F-28 or CM via FB01

Dr Bank 1000 Dr Promo 500

Cr Cust 1000 Cr Cust 500

  1. 2.Customer Invoice posted in the system

Dr Cust 1000

Cr Sales 1000

  1. 3.Customer Clearing via F-32

Dr Cust 200 -> Balance as of 26.02.2014

Dr Cust 1500 -> Adv payment and CM

Cr Cust 1000 -> Customer Invoice

Cr Cust 700 -> Balance as of 27.02.2014

Please suggest if you have solution other than manual clearing F-32

Please help me as this development is urgent

Best regards

Nitin Kumar