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SAP IBP Supply - handling resources

Jan 23, 2017 at 02:42 PM


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Dear IBP Gurus,

I have seen no reference to handling resources in the online documentation for the Supply Optimizer.¤t_toc=/en/34/234454dafe8b24e10000000a4450e5/plain.htm&node_id=200&show_children=false

but on the other side in the Unified Planning area, the Key Figure CAPAUSAGE is available and seems to be used to consume the capacity at the Handling resources (at least based on its description). If not, what is the purpose of it?

I found an old question at the following link saying that handling resources are not supported in IBP,

but I guess this could be quite dated by now (May 2015).

Any suggestion on how I could map handling resources constrains in my IBP supply chain network ? Are handling Resources still not covered by SAP IBP? Are they in the roadmap?

If they are supported, could you please point me to any documentation/help where they are described?

Really many thanks for your help,


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I found the following information in the on-line help at the link below:¤t_toc=/en/34/234454dafe8b24e10000000a4450e5/plain.htm&node_id=216

  • Handling resources are applicable at the point of goods receipt, in that each unit that is received consumes a certain capacity of each handling resource.

    Note that handling resources are not supported by the S&OP optimizer.

Could I have 1 handling resource for Goods receipt and one for Good Issue?

In that case how should I model the 2 resources?

Will handling resources be considered in the future by the optimizer (is in the roadmap) ?

Many thanks,


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