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Jul 25, 2014 at 12:35 AM

Posting through a Navigation to an EntitySet in External Model Reference Bug?


Hi All,

Consider the scenario where I have a service called ResuableEntities which contains a Comments Entityset (with underlying Comment Entity). Now I create a second service called WorkOrderServices; which contains a WorkOrders EntitySet with underlying WorkOrder Entity.

Now I include the oData reference to ResuableEntities so I can make a relationship from WorkOrder to Comments. If I do a GET request on /WorkOrderServices/WorkOrders('123')/Comments that behaves as expected; but if I want to create a new Comment by posting to /WorkOrderServices/WorkOrders('123')/Comments, I am getting an error stating "Data object 'WorkOrder' not found."

Is this a bug with Gateway, am I doing something wrong, or???