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Jul 24, 2014 at 09:11 PM

Transporting Custom theme



I have created a custom theme and assigned to the Fiori launchpad via /ui2/nwbc_cfg_cust, everything works well in dev. After transporting the custom theme to the test system, when I test the fiori launchpad, I get one logon popup for the test system (As we have still not enabled SSO) and another popup for the dev system.

On debugging I found out that somehow system is trying to read some icon files from the dev system. Wondering why is the system looking for these files in Dev ? why is the custom theme not using relative url like it does for all other resources ??

I have used the transport option in tcode /UI5/THEME_TOOL to transport the theme.

Below image shows the file it is trying to read from development system

Even if I cancel the logon popup for dev, the launchpad launches perfectly. Just that I see the call to the sap-launch-icons.ttf with 401 error :

It does not look right that in test system the launchpad is looking for some file from dev system. Not able to understand what am I doing wrong here. This happens only if I use the custom theme, there are no issues with sap standard theme.



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